Relationship Skills- Connecting with Others

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WHAT does it mean to connect with others?

Connecting to others means both people share their thoughts & feelings safely.  You are able to play, talk, and take time apart from each other with respect.  You appreciate each other's differences and are able to work through problems peacefully.

Suggested Activities

Just a note- most of the videos listed are found on YouTube Kids, which require an adult to help them access it.  YouTube Kids is a more contained environment and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide them while they explore YouTube.

PreK & Kinder

1. Read I Can Be a Good Friend & Draw pictures of you being a good friend as shown in the story.

2. Make your own Friendship Pepperoni Pizza!  Use the guide attached & write answers for your child if they need.

3. Listen to Be a Super Hero- Friendship Song for Kids. Discuss the qualities of a good friend.

1st & 2nd

1. Review Friendship Task Cards & decide good choices with friendships

2. Use the Friendship Sorting cards to keep exploring what makes someone a good friend.

3. Watch Small Talk video about Friendship.  Then, write or draw what you believe the important qualties of friendship are

3rd & 4th

1. Use the Friendship Cards to think about what you believe makes you a good friend to someon & what makes someone a good friend to you.

3. Write about, create a story, poster, or a make a video talking about 5 qualities of a good friendship.

2. Watch Friendship Soup video and think about the ingredients you want in your firendships.


1. Look over the Start a Conversation sheet & think about which conversation starters you have used before.  Which ones feel most comfortable to you?

2. Fill our the speech bubbles with ideas on how different conversation starters you can use.  See if you can find someone you can practice with and videtape the conversation so you can watch later! 

3. Watch Active Listening video & write about what being a good litener has to do with friendship