More SEL Tools

Change is a constant in life, some good & some difficult. During all the different experiences that come our way, it is beneficial to our overall sense of happiness to  learn how to take care of ourselves.    Taking care of ourselves simply means knowing what tools work for us when we need a bit of help.  This entire website is dedicated to your social emotional health.  Everything is for you to use & practice.  Experiment with the different tools listed her and throughout the website.   You will start to learn what works best for you when difficult emotions or moments pop up.  I invite you to try out the tools listed below and use as often as necessary!  Use them when you're feeling good too!   


Tree Pose-  


Seated Arm    Movement -  

Tree Pose in yoga is a great way to help you with your focus & concentration.  It's a fun way to work on your balance also!

Taking a few seconds to move our arms when we are seated & focused on schoolwork is one way of giving our minds a break.  Movement is so good for us & it allows us to be more focused when we are ready to get back to work!


Lion's Breath- 

Lion's Breath is a great way to connect to your inner strength & power.  Be as loud as you want! Lion's Breath helps you when you are feeling extra energetic & need to focus. 

Flower Breath-  

Flower Breath is a great way to calm ourselves down.  It helps release any tension in our bady & can give us a feeling of peacefulness. 

Using Our Senses / Creative Expression

Sense of Touch-  




Using your sense can help soothe you if you are feeling anxious.  Try different materials and see what you like.  Maybe a fluffy blanket, gooey slime, or smooth rock.  The best part is you can do this as much as you need to do!

Doing something creative like coloring is a good way to help you focus. It can help bring a sense of calm & take your mind of anything that might be frustrating you until you are ready to try again.  It is a good way to give your  brain a break!


Listen to music-  


Listening to music is a great way to help you feel good. Make a playlist of feel good songs! Then, next time you are feeling down listen to your playlist!

Be an Observer- 


Notice what's around you.  Just looking around the room and seeing the different things that are in front of you can help you focus.  So, the next time you feel distracted, look around and be an observer.  Just notice and name everything you see.