Self Awareness- My Feelings

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WHAT are feelings?

Feelings are the different emotion sensations that come up throughout the day.  We all feel many different emotions on a daily basis from happy, sad, angry, tired, bored, nervous, anxious, confused, relaxed, joyful, etc. We mostly "feel" these emotions in our bodies as a reaction to what we are thinking or something that's happening in front of us.  Feelings are how we express ourselves & all of our feelings are important.

Suggested Activities:

Just a note- most of the videos listed are found on YouTube Kids, which require an adult to help them access it.  YouTube Kids is a more contained environment and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide them while they explore YouTube.

1. Look over the feelings  emoji chart multiple times a day & practice naming the different emotions

PreK & Kinder

2. Show how different emotions look on your face (use a mirror to see yourself)

3. Ask your child what they are feeling throughout the day & model the feeling to them as well on your face.

1. Look over a feelings chart with pictures multiple times a day and name what you are feeling at different times.

1st & 2nd

2. Use the feelings chart to write how you are feeling and when you felt that way.

3. When you are watching your favorite show, name what the characters are feeling & how you know.

1. Look over the feelings chart with pictures multiple times a day and name what you are feeling throughout the day (to a family member or yourself)

3rd & 4th

2. Take pictures or video of you showing what you look like when you feel different emotions.

3. Identify what the people around you are feeling throughout the day & why you think that's how they are feeling.

1. Look over the feelings chart & name what she is feeling in each picture.


2. Take a selfie at different times of the day capturing how you are feeling.

3. Journal throughout the day about what you are feeling (write in a notebook or create a short video clip expressing your feelings)