Social Awareness- Respecting Others

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WHAT does it mean to respect others?

Respecting others means having a positive attitude about the feelings, experiences, & differences of other people. You understand how they feel, even if you haven't experienced the same thing. You are able to get what they are going through & see things from their perspective. You care about them being safe & happy.

Suggested Activities

Just a note- most of the videos listed are found on YouTube Kids, which require an adult to help them access it.  YouTube Kids is a more contained environment and makes it easier for parents and caregivers to guide them while they explore YouTube.

PreK & Kinder

1. Listen to the story Happy in Our Skin. Look at the pictures and talk about the similarities & differences in the people shown.

2. Watch the video about respect  Talk about what they think respect means based on what they saw in the video.

3. Have your child draw a picture of them being respectful & explain to you what they drew.

1st & 2nd

1. Listen to All are Welcome Here & discuss what they think the story is about.  How do we welcome people?

2.Discuss the similarities & differences seen in tthe characters of the book.  

3. Listen to video about respect & list 3-5 different ways of showing respect discussed in the video. 

3rd & 4th

1. Listen to story & watch the short film Hair Love - journal about what you think the title means- Hair Love.

3. Watch video on Respect. Write about, draw, or make a video describing what you think respect means.

2. Think about something about something you might struggle with about yourself.  Can you find reasons to like or appreciate that about yourself? 


1. Watch the video about How a 13 Year Old Changed Impossible to I'm Possible.

2. Journal about the differences between you & Sparsh Shah from the video.  How are your lives different & how are they the same?  What do you think about the things he's done?

3. Watch video about Respecting Differences of Others.  Make your own video explaining what you think repect means or how oyu show respect to others