1st Grade Activities

Week of:  March 30, 2021- April 1, 2021

Watch videos about the brain and how it works. Think about how how your brain can have a growth mindset.

Listen to Growth Mindset story about 2 seeds & think about which one has a growth mindset.

Listen to Growth Mindset Khan Academy lessons and think about what areas you might have a growth mindset or fixed mindset.  Do you want to change a fixed area to more growth?  

Week of:  February 8- February 12, 2021

Watch A Little Spot of Anger & try using the counting strategy next time you feel upset or need to work things out peacefully with someone.

Complete the Spot the Problem Activity sheet with someone.

Week of:  January 11- January 15, 2021

Watch For the Birds and the other animated clip. Watch how the animals talk without using words. Complete the worksheet about how you communicate

Listen to Body Language & Talking about Talking. Think about the different ways our body shows our feelings and how we can talk to others

Week of:  December 14- December 18, 2020

Listen to A Little Spot of Giving &

Choose 3 Ways You Like Giving

Watch I Have the Power to Do Good &

create your own power promise!

Week of: November 30 - December 4, 2020

Listen to A Little Respectful Spot and list ways to

show respect to yourself & others

Listen to We Don't Eat Our Classmates and complete the worksheet about how Penelope learned that she

shouldn't eat her classmates.

Check out this cute video about kindness, empathy,

and respect!

Week of: November 9 - November 13, 2020

Listen to the Empathy video &

draw a picture of yourself being nice

to someone else & being nice to yourself

Listen to the Be Kind story and discuss

which emojis you might feel in the

situations in the book

Week of: October 26 - October 30, 2020

1. Listen to Crankenstein &

draw a picture of what makes you cranky.

2. Use the character sheet to draw how you feel about

Halloween this year.  If you are not or do not celebrate

Halloween, draw a character about what you look like

& what you say when you feel silly.

3.  Use the emoji cards to create your own

pumpkin or ghost emoji faces.

Week of: October 5 - October 9, 2020

1.Listen to All Kinds of Children

2.Draw a picture of you, your teacher,

and classmates learning online.

3. Listen to I Am Enough & draw a picture of you doing something amazing!

Week of: September 21 - September 25, 2020

1. Practice your Balloon Breath or

Candle Breath as much as you can!

2.Do Kitty Cat Stretch-

show someone in your house how to do it.

3.Try to making the letters of your name with

your body. Take a video and send to Ms. Chacko-


4. Write, draw, make a video answering:

"If you could be an animal, which animal

would you be and why?"

Week of:  March 8, 2021- March 12, 2021

Watch Funny Conflict Management video and write about what makes this video funny.

Watch the BrainPop Jr. video on Conflict Resolution and complete the quiz at the end with someone.

Watch video Small Talk : Arguments and write about what works for you when you get into arguments.

Week of:  March 1, 2021- March 5, 2021

Watch Kids Explain Friendship video and write a few sentences about what makes someone a good friend to you.

Listen to story Wilfred.  Journal your thoughts about the story.

Listen to Friendship=Happiness TedxTalk

Week of: February 1- February 5, 2021

Watch Incredible Teamwork & Draw a picture of you helping someone out.

Watch A Little Spot of Teamwork and make a list of Good Team Work Rules

Week of:  January 4- January 8, 2021

Listen to What Makes You Special. Then, draw, write,

or make a video talking about what makes you special 


Listen to Be Yourself & Make a video singing the

song or talking about what you like about yourself 

Week of:  December 7- December 11, 2020

Listen to a Little Spot of Feelings and

Make Your Own Feelings Detective Sheet

Watch Fox and Mouse.  Write 1-2 sentences about how Fox & Mouse both did something unexpected.

Watch Pip.  Write 1-2 sentences about how Pip

was able to be successful.

Week of: November 16 - November 20, 2020

Listen to the Give Thanks for Each Day video &

draw a picture of the things you are grateful for.

Listen to Grateful and list a few things

you are grateful for & why

Week of: November 2 - November 6, 2020

Listen to A Little Spot of Kindness

and write about a time you did something kind

and describe what it felt like to you.

Match Emojis to situations using the worksheet

Week of: October 19 - October 23, 2020

1. Draw a picture of yourself feeling happy-

write words to describe what it looks like

on your face and how it feels in your body.

2. Choose a character you love-

from a movie, game, book, etc. 

Draw them feeling different emotions-

happy, sad, angry, tired

3. Watch In My Heart video 

Week of: September 28 - October 2, 2020

1. Practice your Snake Breath as much as you can!

2. Create your own animal breath! Make a video and

send to Ms Chacko if you want:

mchacko@houstonisd.org or submit on the HUB.

3.  Ask someone  (a friend, family member, a teacher)

what their favorite color is. Then draw a picture with

all the things that are your favorite color and their

favorite color together.

4. Listen to SuperPower Listening.  Practice listening

to the sounds around you throughout the day.

Week of: September 14 - September 18, 2020

1. Practice your balloon breathing-

show someone else how to do it & breath together!

 2. Choose one of  your classmates

(or a friend from outside school) -

Write down 2 things that you have in common & 

2 things that are different

3. Practice Mountain Pose while listening

to your favorite song.

4. Watch The Reflection & stand in front of the mirror

and tell yourself all the things you like about yourself like

the girl in the video.

5. Create your own superhero yoga move.

Something that makes you feel powerful!